Shae O'Brien grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and it has bred her to have a love for music, coffee, the ocean, and rain. Her love for writing was planted at a young age, with the encouragement of beautiful family and inspiring teachers, and grew into a passion she cannot go a day without. During the day, Shae is also an English teacher, promoting the art of the written word among the youth of Austin. Her writing has been featured in publications such as Off The Wookie, AIPF Di-verse-city Anthology 2012, and TWENTY: Poems In Memoriam. She recently self-published her first chapbook, "Truths Unspoken", which takes the reader on a poetic journey through the passion, love, heartbreak, and rebirth of a relationship. You may find her on any given night writing or performing her work around Austin, TX.

Please note that all poems and/or parts are the property of Shae O'Brien and should not be shared without giving due credit.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And Labeled on the Jar is "Rest In Peace"

She cries diamonds
Splashing priceless memories
Upon the concrete ground of his goodbyes.

He doesn't notice them
As his footprints make their imprint
Across the best years of her life.

She loves him.
And while his promises turned past tense
Long ago, in the warmth of someone else's bed
Her pride cannot defeat these vows
Echoing in the hollow body he once filled
And fulfilled, night after night
During days when he understood
The worth of her tears
And kept them locked safe inside
The beautiful eyes he gazed into
When he vowed until death would they part.

As each memory slips from her heart split open
Death shows its presence between them
Picking up each glistening tear drop
Gently placing each jewel into a jar
And twisting tightly shut the lid
As the simultaneous sound of a door closing
And love ending sounds its forlorn moan.
Death wonders how so many loves are lost
And silently leaves one more to mourn

Knowing He will someday come again.

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