Shae O'Brien grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and it has bred her to have a love for music, coffee, the ocean, and rain. Her love for writing was planted at a young age, with the encouragement of beautiful family and inspiring teachers, and grew into a passion she cannot go a day without. During the day, Shae is also an English teacher, promoting the art of the written word among the youth of Austin. Her writing has been featured in publications such as Off The Wookie, AIPF Di-verse-city Anthology 2012, and TWENTY: Poems In Memoriam. She recently self-published her first chapbook, "Truths Unspoken", which takes the reader on a poetic journey through the passion, love, heartbreak, and rebirth of a relationship. You may find her on any given night writing or performing her work around Austin, TX.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Rabbit Hole

Sometimes I have nightmares I'm still there,
Wearily running through a haze of confusion
Adorned in colorful flowers and poetic analogies,
Coughing from the fumes of forgetfulness
As I struggle to remember who I am and why I must leave.
Yet she finds me again and again
The innocent girl naively believing
That the queen of hearts should have one
Yet hysterical hilarity ensues in a ravenous rage
Shrieking "Off with their heads!"
Cackling "Aren't you a strange little thing?"
Weeping "Why would you wish to leave me?"
Manic majesty reigning over her wicked wonderland.
Then suddenly I've become her
Begging the next child who happened down the rabbit hole to stay
Was she once a girl?
Did she once have a name?
Or was she always painting her world
To match the hues of her delusions?
Will the next child be mine?
Will she stumble down into the nonsense
Because I didn't keep a better eye
Or because I didn't want to be here alone
In this world of nonsense and neglect?
When I stare into the looking glass next
Is it her I will see or the queen or myself?
Do I even know the difference anymore?

I am proud to announce that "The Rabbit Hole" was chosen for publication in the Austin International Poetry Festival's 2012 edition of the Di-verse-city Anthology. You may purchase this anthology, filled with works by many incredible poets along with myself, at www.aipf.org. Thank you for your support.

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  1. I like this poem. I wish I had bought a copy of the anthology. I like the statement this work makes, and the allusion it represents. Congratulations!